Curiosity + Sharing = Growth

Since I got hold of a decent computer at the age of 11, I have been obsessed with the internet, I always wanted a .com with my own name on! Here it is!

Welcome. This site acts as my online portfolio, blog and resources page. This is the place where I store my projects and share thoughts and the things I enjoy in life! I set this site up years ago and never really knew where it was going. My first idea was to have an Online CV and place to share some resources/thoughts. Over the years, it is morphed into a deep collection of useful things, with this version I hope to condense more of the resources I have built around the web develop a place that shares every aspect of my life. In this site you will find;

  • More about me and my online CV
  • Free Resources for Recruiters
  • Resources for Job Seekers
  • Lessons and blogs from our Travels

Who is Tris Revill?

London born, I currently live in Paris with my wife and daughter. I started working when I was 13 and have done everything from cleaning toilets, recruiting PHD’s in startups, training sourcers in Japan to cooking for royalty.

I left school at 18 and started cooking full time, I moved to Paris and did an apprenticeship as a Chef in the Ritz hotel. I built kitchens and restaurants, managed large teams and worked around the world as a chef. After 8 years, I realised I needed to do something else in life and chase my dream in Tech.

No one would hire me as a recruiter so I spent a year doing door to door sales before I got my first recruiting job in an agency. I set myself the goal of working in a wired top 100 start up and have since worked in 5. Today, I specialise in building highly scaleable recruiting systems that help companies hire at fast pace.

Whether it is hiring people, sharing something that may help someone or building communities; I love using the web to make the world a better place.

Community has been key to my career growth. We live in a world where brilliant communities can propel us to new heights. I believe in openly sharing as much as I can and while it has been a tough journey to be able to say what I want all the time. I have learned and be supported by those around me.

In my spare time I look after my wife and daughter by cooking, gardening and DIY. We love to travel and spend loads of time with friends and family. We value those around us and love to capture the moments we share on camera. Living in Paris gives us access to the best food and wine in the world and we enjoying that. We are lucky to have all the things we need and want and are careful to enjoy as much as possible.

Wondering where else you can find me? I use Twitter for moaning and shouting about work stuff, LinkedIn to stalk people and spam them. Instagram cos I’m vain. Facebook for a growth hacking group and a robot! I sometimes write on medium, rarely answer questions on Quora and never push code to github. I have google+ but only to get a better Klout score, I’m on angel list, with a wishlist, need to know more about me? There are old videos on youtube, there are more recent ones here!

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