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Welcome to my personal site, all about me, my projects and the things I enjoy in life!

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Whether it is chatbots, hiring people or building communities, I love getting stuck into using the web to make the world a better place. Hit on the link above to talk to me about some stuff that I am up to at the moment. This website and its content are all my own, self-generated, personal perspective on my day to day life.

Since I got hold of a decent computer at the age of 11, I have been obsessed with the internet, I always wanted a .com with my own name on! Here it is!

I use Twitter for moaning and shouting about work stuff, LinkedIn to stalk people and spam them. Instagram cos I’m vain. Facebook for a growth hacking group and a robot! I sometimes write on medium, rarely answer questions on Quora and never push code to github. I have google+ but only to get a better Klout score, I’m on angel list, with a wishlist, need to know more about me? There are old videos on youtube, there are more recent ones here!