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My Love for Growth Runs Deep

My Love for Growth Runs Deep

December 27, 2018

To help me Grow, I document things.

Inefficiencies of most things in Recruiting show us Recruitment mechanics still need to be optimised. Applying growth hacking methods allows us to improve.

What is a Growth Hacking Recruiter?

What is a Growth Hacking Recruiter?

December 10, 2018

A Growth Hacking Recruiter has a growth mindset and curiously and confidently leverages media, technology, data to hit hiring targets with minimal financial investment.

Simply put, they help companies hire more effectively with fewer resources than their competition.

Sourcers VS Recruiters: A Quick Survey on Sourcing  from DBR

Sourcers VS Recruiters: A Quick Survey on Sourcing from DBR

June 7, 2018

CONTRIBUTE TO HELP HIRE MORE PEOPLE See live data from the DBR Quick Sourcing Survey!

FIND out what Sourcers and Recruiters find the most challenging, who actually spends the most about of time sourcing and what DBR thinks about Sourcing as a whole!

Thanks for visiting my website. This is my personal site, all about me, my projects and the things I enjoy in life!

Whether it is chatbots, hiring people or building communities, I love getting stuck into using the web to make the world a better place. Hit on the link above to talk to me about some stuff that I am up to at the moment. This website and its content are all my own, self-generated, personal perspective on my day to day life.

Since I got hold of a decent computer at the age of 11 I have been obsessed with the internet, I always wanted a .com with my own name on! Here it is! 

I use Twitter for moaning and shouting about work stuff, LinkedIn to stalk people and spam them. Instagram cos I’m vain. Facebook for a growth hacking group and a robot! I sometimes write on medium, rarely answer questions on Quora and never push code to github. I have google+ but only to get a better Klout score, I’m on angel list, with a wishlist, need to know more about me? There are old videos on youtube, there are more recent ones here!