EU / US Citizenship Wanted!

6ft, 31 y.o, single, Charming, Bearded (slightly mad) Brit; looking to leave England following Brexit news.

You get*

  • Charming Company
  • Creative environment and exciting challenges
  • Bi-weekly home cooked meals (Check out more about my cooking here)
  • Half the rent paid for 6 years
  • (occasional) Cleaning, washing or washing up
  • Extended family in London, Paris, Poole and Suffolk.

You might get*

  • Yearly Holidays
  • Occasional rows and disagreements
  • Occasional late nights drunkenly stumbling in from the pub

You Need*

  • US or EU passport
  • Prepared to marry for convenience
  • No prior experience necessary

Apply now orĀ find out more about me here

*Terms and Conditions apply
All applications are taken on a case by case basis and this might be a joke, but it might not be.



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