Food has consistently been the first love of my life; homegrown, home cooked and served with good company. I can’t think of anything better!

When I think about it, there is as much nature as nurture in this love. I come from a food-obsessed family. Everything, when I grew up with was home cooked and home made. Mum’s cakes are legendary, Dad’s dinner parties often took all day to prepare and the bookshelf at home has always been full of recipe books. Everyone admits in our family that we are food obsessed. We discuss dinner at breakfast and plan our day around what and where we are eating.

Being brought up this way, coupled with no interest in going to school and an odd romantic image of life as a chef, lead me to pursue a career as a chef. I failed!

Now cooking is just a creative outlet and my nontent generation tool. I am always taking pictures of my food


… like always!

I have taken to reviewing places on Google maps as it seems like the place that I use most for restaurant discovery when I am in need of inspiration. You can find some of my favourite places to eat in London, Dublin and the rest of the world here!

You can also see me spaming my Instagram followers with food porn and collect friends over a home cooked brunch or dinner.

I should do more!