Free Recruiting Resources

Over the years I have made and shared lots of resources to help recruiters hire better and faster. The internet is a big place, I decided I needed a place to store all for my faveourite resources to help my fellow recruiters. Obviously I am kicking off with the things that I have made but I also wanted to include all the things I think you need to know about wherever you are at in your Recruiting Career.

There is only one thing better than my favourite cake from our local baker, free recruiting resources.

Free Recruiting Resources I made (or helped make)

The Intent Model is recruiting methodology designed to be the most efficient way of sourcing and engaging with talent in any market. Designed for recruiters and sourcers at all levels with all sorts of budgets. It can be used to help develop large or small pipelines, speed up hiring and make recruiters more efficient.

Growth Hacking Recruiters is a community on facebook of like minded recruiters from all walks of life who love to grow. You can join the discussion above or learn more about growth hacking recruiters below.

The Ultimate list of Recruiter YouTube channels you should be following. I noticed a couple of years ago that there was not an extensive list of Recruiter YouTube channels and we all know recruiters love a good list. The first version was published in my facebook group and then given away freely to the public over on my Medium account.

Ultimate Free Recruiter Growth Resources I have started collecting a list of all the free training you can get to help you become a better recruiter. Awesome if you are looking for new things to learn.

DBR is a slack community for in house recruiters and HR pro’s in London. I was of the founding members of the group and highly recommend it. I am no longer part of the admin team but I highly recommend it.

Free Recruiting Resources is weekly newsletter and huge collection of resources developed by Hung Lee to help recruiters and HR pro’s. I highly recommend it both as something to read and community to be part of. Here is a little video about the community to help you navigate it.

Glenn Cathey’s free resource list on is without doubt an exceptional resource every recruiter should know about. Glenn Cathey is without doubt one of my favourite recruiters and here you will find his amazing list of tools and blogs that will help you learn. Below is a video I shot of him talking at SourceCon Europe in Amsterdam. is without doubt one of the best resources for sourcing tools and tactics. If you aren’t already reading this you should be! If you ever get the chance to attend one of their events I highly recommend it.

Sourcing.Games by Jan Tegze is one of the most fun ways to learn new sourcing and OSINT techniques. Jan is one of those recruiters you must follow and this game is without doubt one of my favourite things he has developed.

SSaR by Dean da Costa is without doubt on of the best tools lists and sourcing resources out there. Dean is one of the pillars of the sourcing community and I highly recommend checking out his YouTube channel too (cool video linked above)

Todd Davis’s tool list (above) is also one of the most complete resources for recruiters looking to discover new tools. I worked with Todd at indeed and he is without doubt one of the best sourcers in the world. Highly recommend

Awesome Recruitment Resources from Sjamilla is an excellent resource list covering everything from communities to non recruiting tools to use. Useful and informative, go check it out.

The Ultimate Tech Sourcing Check List is a brilliant framework from Morgane Conrad in France and is a brilliant way to set up your tech sourcing strategy.

Free Recruiting Tools

What follows is a list of my favourite free recruiting tools. These are simple tools and I use them all the time, using these will help every recruiter. I hate scheduling and this tool does a great job of easing that pain, it has saved me hundreds of hours.

Canva this easy to use design and creation tool is brilliant to create more shareable content.

Scraper is a brilliant little chrome plug in that helps you scrape pages super quick. is a brilliant little screen recorder that you can use to do custom video messages or mini tutorials. I love it and use it all the time.

Giphy’s chrome extension, this one is going to make you laugh but it is without doubt my most used chrome extension. Brilliant to help you engage more with people around you.

Grammarly is always helping me not make silly writing mistakes. Use this unless you are an english teacher.

HemmingwayApp a brilliant writing tool to help you improve all of your writing. I love it and it helped me develop so much.

hiringlab from indeed. Awesome resource from Indeed’s research and economist teams. Useful for large Job Trends.

Free gender decoder from Kat Matfield is an awesome free tool to analyse job ads and help you avoid gender coded language. Use this every-time you write a job advert.

SimilarWeb is a brilliant market intelligence tool that helps you understand web traffic and industry insights for market analysis.

Numbeo has a huge amount of free resources. If you are moving people from one country to the other, I highly recommend their cost of living too.

Chart Loop is a new one to this list, an interesting market mapping tool to help you identify decision makers and make org charts. Great for research.