How To Get Wet Hair Look

How To Get Wet Hair Look
How To Get Wet Hair Look

How To Get Wet Hair Look. The first step is to start with a good haircut. This first step to achieve the wet hair look is to have wet hair!

How To Get Wet Hair LookHow To Get Wet Hair Look
Why we're totally digging the wet hair look from

Towel dry your hair before using any hair products. Give the crown of the head a dab with your palm; You are now ready to flaunt the wet hair look

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Wet look is great for many styles and if op is looking specifically for tips on their personal taste to achieve that look it doesn't help anyone to just comment saying it's outdated. The third step is to apply a hair gel to your roots. Im assuming it's mousse and gives a crunchy feel?

Your Hair Should Still Have Moisture In It, But It Should Not Be Completely Wet.

The second step is to pick the right hair gel. Start with the stranding, from the neck upwards to the crown section of the hair; Press j to jump to the feed.

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Complete The Look By Brushing The Hair Back From The Hairline With Your Comb, And Lock It At The Nape Of Your Neck;

Because water evaporates fairly fast on its own from your hair as you go about your day, you need to ensure that you recreate a pseudo wet effect , which is achieved with hair spray in combination with either hair gel or hair. Just because it's a wet look doesn't mean your hair should actually be wet. “the trick to a wet look is not water—it’s oil!

Retaining Moisture In Your Hair Makes It More Malleable, Formable, And Easier To Style In General.

Spritz your hair all over with sea salt spray to create waves, and add a frizz. Hair gel + hair spray or hair mousse + hair spray. The fourth step is to brush or comb your hair back.

Shampoo Clears Out The Debris, While Conditioner Smooths The.

You can choose from mousse, gel, pomade, or wax, depending on your hair and preference.mousse and gel are used on damp hair,. Well, think damp, not soaking wet. Laying hair gel, cream, gloss, and spray onto wet hair in rapid succession is what keeps it looking damp.

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