Growth = More content fewer blog posts?

Believe it or not, I’m mega hung up about writing articles on my blog…

Hung up cos I always want them to be perfect.

I wrote at the beginning of last year that I was going to be less hung up about it.

I felt I was drowning in the noise of nontent that everyone was publishing.

But the goals I set out for myself didn’t work and I ended 2017 more frustrated than ever at my lack of ability to write loads of great content on my blog. I wasn’t sure what is going wrong until I did some research and some soul-searching.

If you read or watch anything about personal branding, marketing or growth hacking, they all talk about having a clearly defined goal, I don’t have one for this blog.

This blog is purely self-promotion through self-discovery.

This is my personal portfolio.

With that in mind, I thought I would continue to write about my personal development and use it to develop my writing and my ideas. Use it to test the things I want to work on.

I set out with the best of intentions, last year I just couldn’t get it right.

So this year, I set out with more of a no fear approach and have been testing a bunch of other ways to get my message out there, to increase my reach. My goal continues to be to help people in my network and outside of it get better at recruiting and job hunting!

Its been a few months and I feel like I am starting to get my groove on.

Time to tell you all a bit about what I have done so far.


What did I do?

I looked at my audience and asked myself what do people want from me and what can I give them?

My audience can be easily broken down into 3 segments;

  1. Recruiters who follow me to find out about the latest tools and trends in hiring
  2. Job seekers and potential candidates
  3. Friends, colleagues and family.

During my personal brand audit, I figured out that my largest audience is on LinkedIn, I tweet about stuff but it is predominantly personal and my facebook is pretty terrible. The content that was most successful last year was honest, authentic and a little bit ranty.

The “sourcers are not baby recruiters” post was the best because it was my personal beliefs mixed with some cool recruiting science and tips.

Having taken a look at what happened last year it was time to sit down and write some goals for what I want to achieve with my personal and professional brand.

  1. Do more stuff that people enjoy and share.
  2. Get better at Facebook (it is after all the worlds biggest social platform)
  3. Do more stuff that helps people with their career.
  4. Help more people have a voice.
  5. Do more with Video!

Let me tell you how I have got on with it so far.

1. Do more stuff that people enjoy and share

I read some marketing books and growth hacking books and started watching stuff on virals on youtube and talked to people about it!

The number one rule here that I seem to be getting from everyone is Add Value.

I am still not sure what that means, but I am trying to do more stuff that helps people get better. Over my testing period, I have now learned to ask myself these two questions as I am posting or doing stuff;

  • Does this help someone do something better?
  • Is this the real me?

Will probably have to revisit this again in the next few months as I start to have more stuff shared by people.

2. Get better at Facebook

This has taken a bunch of bunch of different avenues as Facebook has become a beast of a platform. My first step was to take a look and see what other people are posting and thus spend a bit more time on facebook consuming content from recruiters and people with interesting personal brands.

I realised I needed to learn more about it so with the help of Jan Tegze I started a Facebook Group around a subject that I am really interested in, Growth Hacking, join if you fancy. Its all about how growth hacking techniques can apply to recruitment and there are some amazing people in it that are sharing loads of awesome stuff!

You can join us too!

That seems to be working really nicely and I am making loads of awesome new recruitment friends. Below are the stats since the beginning of the year!

I also revisited something

My Facebook BOT

Have a GO!

Now should I start predominantly posting on my facebook page or keep my Facebook audience on my personal Facebook?

3. Do more stuff that helps people with their career.

Did you read my first post of the year?

More in the works, but don’t worry.

That’s my day job!

4. Help more people have a voice.

That’s why I’m writing this.. to help you!

Have you seen my posts on LinkedIn?

5. Do more with Video!

Ta Da!

A YouTube Channel…

Not such good stats but its just the beginning!

What do you think?

3 thoughts

  1. violakaroly – I live on the brinks of ecstasy and despair. Life is full of hope but also full of crap. Celebrate the good days. Get a move on. Life is happening!
    violakaroly says:

    I had a specialized blog in 2008 that topped charts and feeds but it was very specific and I grew bored after a few years so I quit. Afterwards, I tried various types but they were too broad so now I separate professional (My books, publishing tips, etc) from my personal self discovery…offer some ways to help others through your experiences. It promotes you, helps others, and grows readership.

      1. violakaroly – I live on the brinks of ecstasy and despair. Life is full of hope but also full of crap. Celebrate the good days. Get a move on. Life is happening!
        violakaroly says:

        Hoping so 😉 It’s all an experiment for sure 🙂

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