#TRexit (some notes on my move)

I like to have new things start of the new year, maybe it is because I’m a January baby, maybe it’s because it’s cold and there is not much happening. Anyway, you might have noticed that this year has started a little late. For most people it was only 0.000002 of a second late, this has something to do with the moon being a bit of a drag. You can do the math using the formulae below, I learned this thanks to Trevor who’s Christmas cards are always awesome and having thought about it. Everything does feel a little late this year.

For me, although I was working from the 3rd, 2017 started on the 8th of January with a flight to Dublin. I got the plane to Dublin a lot last year but this time was a little different. I had two bags and crying parents to drop me off at the airport. Yep, I’m not just here for a few days this time. It’s a bit more of a permanent move to start full time onsite in Indeed’s Dublin EMEA HQ. 2016 bought us Fake News, Trump & Brexit… 2017 brings you TREXIT!

Those of you that know me, will read with little surprise that I have moved again. I have moved a lot in my life, moving is a thing I grew up with. My parents didn’t stay still and I’ve never lived in the same place for more than 8 years. The most dramatic move was when one cold winter evening in 2000 we sat around the table the dinner table and decided to move to France. My parents were pretty brave, selling all their stuff (house included) and taking two teenage kids to Bordeaux just because we were bored of England, the food was better and the sun shined more often. Moving country definitely takes courage!

This was the calmest move I have ever made, having sat and reflected I realise that this is the 7th major European city I have moved all my life to on a permanent basis. This time I have the support of a job, a company, a team I know.. and let’s be honest, I have gotten a feel for Dublin over the last few months!


Ireland and the UK have always had a special relationship, but I can’t even be sure that will continue following this year’s political development. Yep, obviously, this blog post can’t really go unwritten without a little nod of the head to the wonderful Brits that voted to leave the European union last year. You might have remembered that my initial reaction looked something like this…. there is, of course, an element of fear in this move that this is the final chance I will get to have an opportunity like this. 

I come from a liberal, middle-class family and thanks to the way I was brought up I have always considered myself a European citizen first and an Englishman second. This wasn’t a political move… but I am not too worried to leave London and the UK for a little while. It will still be there when I get back.

Plenty of questions to be answered on this Jaunt. Does a smaller City really equal a better lifestyle? Is Dublin really the new tech hub for Europe? Can I survive without 24 hour bagel bakeries and craft coffee on my doorstep?

Whatever happens. It’s to start the new year with a new challenge. I have, of course, realised how self-indulgent it is to give my move to Dublin its own hashtag and write a blog about it but its also an interesting story to tell.. apparently, all HR bloggers are pants anyway, so might as well practice on something. Next one will be less selfish, I promise!

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