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A few months after moving away from agency recruitment to inhouse recruitment. I found myself desperately seeking support and advice. I attended meetup’s on recruiting and talent, starting to grow my network and picking ideas up from those far more experienced. At one such event, I was discussing some of my problems with a group of fellow recruiters in a similar situation. We realised there was no support network for people like us and decided to meetup and share a few war stories over a beer. Six of us got together at the Dragon Bar in Shoreditch, we all came away feeling we could deal with the problems we were facing in a better way.

We invited friends and fellow recruiters and soon it became a thing. We decided to call it DBR (Dragons, Beers and Recruiters)

Things escalated pretty quickly, we were not the only ones that wanted the support and soon there were 20 of us meeting for beers at the Dragon Bar. We decided we wanted an easier way to communicate and set up a WhatsApp group, more and more people joined and we soon found that our phone batteries were regularly drained from all the whats app notifications. We started a Slack group that now has 120 or so active users. On top of the small, beery meetups, We decided to share our knowledge through larger events and this year launched a year-long event series called “Don’t be afraid” for anyone recruiting teams who want some expert advice and a chance to the most respected inhouse recruitment teams.

You can find out loads more about what we are up to here, and if you are interested in meeting us, join us at the next meetup.

DBR is a Slack community for Inhouse Recruiters and Talent Types


DBR Events

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September 2014

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The First Ever Recorded DBR Event

Hung Lee created the first DBR meetup on AttendingIo and



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Contributors and key players

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DBR Events

You can find DBR Events all over our meetup page here or on the website here.

DBR Live

Below you can see all the Episodes of DBR Live as we grow our community with online content that helps recruiters get better!


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