Jan Tegze’s prediction for 2018 was that Growth Hacking techniques would be more successful than the adoption of AI. I laughed and smiled when I read this article on SourceCon, I personally have been pulling inspiration and techniques from growth hacking for some time.

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I mostly agreed with Jan and had a chat with him as I thought it would be a great opportunity to start something for sharing tips and ideas on the subject of growth hacking and how it can be applied to recruitment. Thus, the Facebook group Growth Hacking Recruiters was born, In less than 3 months it has over 300 members and I have learned loads of stuff about growth hacking!

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You have to understand that this is as much a growth hacking exercise in itself as a learning exercise. I personally want to understand how to apply more growth hacking techniques to recruitment. It only makes sense that I should start to document all my learnings for easy sharing, here is my guide for the discerning beginner!


Since I first wrote this post the group has GROWN, in fact, writing on July 30th, less than 6 months after starting the group and with very little advertising we have grown to 1081 members.

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Even better tho is the content and engagement in this group! 

The people contributing are amazing.

The posts are from industry experts sharing hacks, tips and questions collaboration to solve some of the most complex issues we face when hiring and recruiting.

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The impact this has already had on people’s lives is awesome. Long-standing contributor David Sankar recently wrote a post that proves the value to recruiters both personally and professionally.

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It goes without saying, that if you haven’t started to learn. The time is now! We are here to help you.

What does growth hacking mean to recruiters?

Still not convinced? Then listen to Jan Tegze and Guillaume Alexandre convince you in this chat I had with them in the beginning of the year.

Top people, to learn from

I believe that learning growth hacking techniques to apply for recruitment is best to start by asking some peers in the industry that are already doing this! While a Facebook group is the perfect place to do this (Make sure you have joined!) I also wanted to start a list, a bit of influencer marketing never hurt right?

Using a cool tool that was recommended in the group, I made the list here which you can submit to too!

The Ultimate list of Growth Hacking Recruiters

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I highly recommend that you take a look and if you think I have missed anyone then you can tell me who I missed!

Top places to learn about Growth Hacking for Recruiters

  1. Growth Hacking Recruiters Group on Facebook – Obviously the best place to get started! Follow the units for easy lessons on how to get started.
  2. Just going to do a post on the group to crowdfund the rest of this!

A brief history of Hacking in Recruitment

Growth hacking and recruitment has been walking hand in hand for years.

Jan’s own rise to fame in our industry is a testament to that. Sourcing.Games has done as much for sourcing in the last year as Glen Cathy’s blog did in the early days. Sadly this prediction has made the waters a little murky again, Jan brings to the forefront something the top people and influencers in our industry have been doing for years.

The same day Jan published that post on SourceCon I was running a training session called Growth Hacking for Recruiters!

So, have I become a growth hacker??


Don’t be blinded by the words Growth Hacking.

The art of Growth Hacking is the art of leveraging every marketing technique you can to convert traffic into sales.

Its data lead optimisation for digital marketing of a product.

The art of recruitment is to leverage every channel you can to make hires.

Both are as much mindest as skill.

Hires = Growth

Recruitment is already using plenty of elements from growth hacking.

Using words like “Hacking” scares a lot of grey-haired HR directors that read the ERE website into thinking they need to get a growth hacking recruiter.

Most HR people are scared of the word Hack!

This is the second time in my short career I hear the word hacking in line with a talent function is an idea coined closer to four years ago by Nick Marsh (working at the time at hiremyfriend – a great concept that failed ironically due to a major lack of growth hacking). He wrote, through his frustration at the traditional recruitment model, in his mind he believed that the waterfall model of recruitment was broken and what we really needed was a new breed of recruiter.. the talent hacker. A few months later the principles of growth hacking were morphed into the principles of talent hacking by fellow talent hacker, DBR co-founder and constant source of inspiration Matt Buckland. I rode the wave of these principles to growth hack my career, my digital presence and my talent pipeline ever since!

Here they are!

Growth hacking is not really new so in recruiting, the prediction is just airing something that has been happening for a while now. You are probably thinking, where am I going with this?

Hung Lee said to me around 9 months ago, while bouncing ideas and testing the virality of posts on LinkedIn, “This is something we all need to get really good at!”

It’s up to us, to make 2018 the year of growth hacking in recruitment by sharing the stuff that some of us have been using for years and making the topic accessible to everyone!

My favourite recruitment people, the people that are influencing me are already using techniques tried and tested by Growth Hackers, they are learning from growth hackers and applying the techniques to make more hires.

As for me? I just want to do things that I believe will really help. Growth Hacking is more about mentality than any generate a huge amount of awesome content that will help you use growth hacking techniques when you recruit.

Make sure you join the group if you want to know more.

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