Top Places to Drink Beer in Paris

In aid of Paris Week Number Five and the rise in popularity of good tasting Beer in Paris. I have decided to build out a list of Top beer spots for you to easily navigate your way across Paris and drink a good beer along the way!

All the BEST PARISIAN Beer spots in One Place!!

Yes, Clicking this link will show you more than 50 top bars, restaurants, breweries and Cave’s to drink and buy beer in Paris, on a custom Google Map I made just for you! It is Paris Beer week after all and so I have created a list of over 50 places to make it easier for myself and pl

(Please let me know if I missed Any!)

Top Paris Beer Spots Map

IF you don’t want to scroll through all 50, (Google thinks, I have only visited 6 so far) I highly recommend the three below for you to enjoy the delights of the growing french beer scene!


The list now has closer to 60 beer spots on in Paris. I am still working way through them too during my time here!

Hoppy Corner

This still stands as on of my all time faveourite Beer bars in Paris, the staff are the most knowledgable and friendly bunch I have met. They have a superb selection of beers constantly rotating and delicious snacks. Shame there is no terrace to enjoy the passers by but this stays as my Number One spot to drink beer in Paris.


This is my fave Location bar to drink a beer in, the huge terrace beside the canal lends itself to lazy afternoons of beer drinking in the sun. The service lacks as much knowledge, but the beer selectiuon is still beyond outstanding and the food delicious.

La Fine Mousse

Finally in third place, and only probably because I haven’t spent as much time here the other two. This great beer bar, now has small brother and sister bars around it and is in a great spot where you can enjoy an outstanding selection of beers surrounded by all the colours of Paris.

Frog Pubs

It can’t go without mention that one of the most reliable places to drink beer in Paris is still the Frog pub chain. While theynow are huge, they continue to serve a good pint at a reasonable price. Deffo worth stopping in one as I am sure they are why the beer movement in Paris is growing!

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