Agency vs In House Recruiters: The Truth?

Articles full of Gifs may have the answer, but I dont. So, it’s time to stop these myths. Let’s find out what is really going on here. What are the real differences between agency Recruitment and in-house? At the end of the day, It is different, but I keep on asking myself.

Are we really that different?

                             Why is there such a huge rift? 

                                                                   Isn’t our job the same?

There is no data to prove that one is better than the other. In-house recruitment vs agency side. Our day is different, you have to chase clients… I have to tie mine down in meetings. You make commission, I make teams. At the end of the day, if it was a good one, we all make hires, right?

I would like to get rid of these myths that we all have about the two sides of this strange wall we have thrown up between our profession! I have sat both sides of the fence. I get it. Even worse, I now work for a HR tech provider and don’t even have a recruiter job title anymore. (I’m a Sourcer but that’s an argument for a different day).

At the end of the day, every day, I enjoy going to work because I help people get jobs.

We have no data on the differences of Agency Recruitment vs In-House Recruitment. So, I made a Google form and I hope that you have five minutes to answer my seven questions. Its anonymous, so I can share all the data with you. You will be able to view the results here (this should be an open conversation).

Data is the only way to get a better understanding of what their difference is. So, I decided on 7 questions to make it as simple as possible and find out what the truth is.

I’m sure there are differences based on where you are, where you recruit, what you recruit for. Of course, how much money you make, how much you enjoy your job and I’m keen to know what you enjoy most!


This happens to be nicely tied into our next DBR event, Don’t Be Afraid of moving in-house and to my new job.

Most people have asked why I would step away from my amazing job and team at Lyst to work in a company with nearly 3000 people. I wanted to take the opportunity to explain; The reason I joined was the mission, it resonated in my mind from the first chat with them.

We help people get jobs. It’s written everywhere from the walls to our socks. After 3 weeks in 3 different offices in 3 different countries, I can tell you honestly, at Indeed they live that mission and everyone I have met believes in that mission.

For me; that’s the reason I recruit, it’s the thing believe in, it’s been written on my LinkedIn profile for years!

Please fill out the Google form and please share this with all your recruitment friends. I’m so excited to share my thoughts on the findings soon. In the meantime, you can watch the answers trickle in here.

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