Top Tips on Creating Viral Content to help you Hire!

These AWESOME Tricks will get you MORE views on your posts ANYWHERE

A recruiter needs to be able to connect hiring teams with relevant candidates as fast as possible. Viral content helps you do that!

Creating viral content can help you drive qualified applicants to apply to a role for free!

ONCE an effective profile is established of the people you are looking to hire. There is no reason why you can’t use techniques developed by the growth hacking communities to drive qualified applicants to roles for free.

Virality is the key to many successful hiring projects. You are making your life easier if you can use viral content to drive applicants via referral and from online sources.  

Start with talking to the people you have already hired!

If you start with an internal network you can quickly leverage large hiring teams to create viral content on the web that drives qualified applicants to your roles for free!

  • QUALITY Native Content is King
  • Make it CLEAR
  • Make people want to React
  • Gaming the Algorithm is OK = Build your Tribe
  • KISS

I talk through these principles in a lot more detail on the Live hangout here.

According to Dao Nguyen, Buzzfeed Data Teams, who introduces the concept of cultural cartography to understand virality in her TED talk. Following her research she recommends the content must meet one of these needs in order for the viewer to like and share:

  • “Makes Me Laugh” (Humor)
  • “This is Me” (Identity)
  • “Helps Me Connect” (This is Us)
  • “Helps Me…” (Learn something, do something, etc)
  • “Makes Me Feel…” (Curious, sad, etc) 

Highly Emotionaly charged content is always best to drive engagement and views on the web for free!

I recently caught up with my friend Dylan Hey, who left his job a few weeks ago to start his own company. Lucky he works in social selling, his LinkedIn video when he left his job got; 150,000 views, over 2k likes, loads of comments.

When I asked him, Hey said the key to good LinkedIn posts are:

1 – Authenticity. Be as authentic as possible with your content.

2 – Make yourself vulnerable.

3 – Timing. How can you leverage other events?

I was authentic to myself. Made myself vulnerable and leveraged the event that I was leaving – was his comment.

It definitely seems to be working! Keep it up. 

You should take away the fact that hiring people is an event and getting people to share that teams are growing just takes an honest and authentic piece of content that they connect with.

Most social networks are striving to keep users within their ecosystem, so creating content has to be native. For a recruiter, the challenge comes in converting the viewer or engager to the candidate.

While your first mission when hiring is creating good quality content that is shareable and an easy system to gather intent from the job seeker. As a recruiter, once you start to scale this you need to be mindful that candidates on social media should still be treated within a system that ensures a fair route to the role. A challenge I have not seen an HR tech provider truly fix yet in terms of integrating ATS to multiple social platforms and tracking interaction.

Practical take away for every recruiter here is to stop re-posting boring jobs and write about why someone would want to join the team. Take a picture of the work environment. Share an honest story about the challenge you face.

It is so exciting to see more of this content out there and I think we all have an opportunity to lead the way with helping people get jobs.

I hope you enjoy the tips, really looking forward to your feedback.

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