WELCOME to my sourcing survival guide. The idea of this is to be a one-stop shop where you can find everything you need to know about sourcing.

You will find a collection of tool guides, influencer guides, and information you need to survive in the world of sourcing.

For now, this is incomplete, this is v0.2


Personally, I don’t think it is the blogs or courses that ever helped me to get better at sourcing but a level of curiosity that drove me to want to know more. You pick up tricks along the way, but it is curiosity that drives you to get better at sourcing.

Anyone can get better at sourcing by reading some of the material below or completing one of the courses mentioned. But I have no idea if they are they worth it! In my mind, next level sourcing comes from curiosity, you can play with it in your day to day, test things as you search and invent as you walk down the street.

As for continued training: I am sure that the below courses will help you more than my 2 pence. If I was you I would write down 5 things you want to get better at, take loads of notes on each subject, practice the techniques, write down what you find out and then try and teach someone else what you learned. You never know, you might actually be able to write a blog about it one day!

Be Curious!

Places to learn more about sourcing!

I thought I would start with the big obvious ones and work my way down to the more obscure.

Booleanblackbelt is Glen Cathy’s offering to the sourcing world that sets in stone sourcing methods and

SourceCon has become the beast of the sourcing world. ERE’s sourcing baby now has north of 75,000 visits, and storms ahead by publishing blogs from other sourcing bloggers to have the hottest and latest content. The editorial voice can be somewhat misleading and clickbaity.

Social Talent




There are also trainers around the world who might be able to work to you on a day to day basis.


Don’t depend on tools. Depend on your curiosity. Develop techniques, drive and humanity that helps you hire people, use tools to help you do it faster!

DBR Tooling Guide

This is a collaborative google doc that can be found here. If you want to add something to the Doc then add a comment and it will be moderated and added in! If you like it spread the word about DBR and sign up here!

Recruiter Hunt

This is a bit like ProductHunt but for Recruiters. Some really good collections, check it out here http://recruiterhunt.com/  

Data Viz Tools

Super cool data tools collection and guide.


Sourcing Hacks Guide

Awesome crowdsourced guide of sourcing hack from the one and only Hung Lee. http://sourcinghacks.workshape.io/

Awesome AirTable from Tom Davis with tools ranked out.





Learn how to use this tool!

Candidate Funnel Calculator!


Original Posting by Glen Cathy, including notes on how to use both calculators and definitions.




Calculator can be found here:




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