RECRUITMENT: Don’t Break It, Fix It!

Wow, it feels like an age since I last wrote about DBR. It is a well overdue for me to tell you a little bit more about DBR in 2017 and in particular what it means to me to be part of this community as it grows.

I have to talk about it because the influence it has had on mine and other people’s lives blows my mind!

For those of you that don’t know what DBR is; DBR is the only safe place for in-house recruiters in Europe. We host events, talk to each other on slack and work together to solve the problems we face as recruiters every day. You probably need to start at one of these points and then come back to this post if you want to find out more about it:

DBR is now growing faster than we could ever have imagined. We have now given more than 400 in-house recruiters access to our slack channel. With our awesome new streamlined process, each applicant is vetted by the admin team and then swiftly invited into a community where help is at hand whatever recruitment problem you may be facing.


Running this slack channel means more in-house recruiters than ever before have the opportunity to share ideas, solve problems, get real-time feedback from peers and help more people than ever get jobs!


Yes, since we moved from a WhatsApp group to a slack channel we have sent 440,000 plus messages but it’s not all about what we share on our dark social channels the core of our community still lies in the real world. The relationships this community has helped build over beers in the pub, discussing ideas at events and supporting each other at trade shows, has lead to us all being better recruiters.


Robert Nunn Head of Talent at WorldStores Group summed up what the reality of being in a community of recruiters that share ideas and candidates really should be.


I agree, as recruiters, the way we will all become more successful will be to celebrate the talent we work with every day. Recruiters should share their networks and their connections and help the people they work with. I believe every in-house recruiter should share, invest in community and invest their time helping each other!

Let’s not try and Break Recruitment,  let’s get together to build a worldwide community that makes us all better!


DBR in 2017 is going to grow

We are sticking to the original idea that the original founder Hung Lee had for this community, we are focusing on our mission to build a safe place for in-house recruiters. Everything we do as an admin team will be focused on what the community needs and wants and we hope that you can all help us make it bigger!

Scaling the grassroots community feeling that DBR has is almost impossible without people meeting in the real world. The effort that goes on behind the scenes to ensure that the other DBR members have the same platform to learn and grow that the first few of us had when we started meeting is unprecedented. As admins, our trust and patience is continually tested by those that deliberately sabotage our success and profit from what we have built. We continue to stick to our guns. We won’t be monetizing this community, the mailing lists we have, our candidate databases or the relationships we have built. DBR will continue to be a not for profit organisation managed by the people that love it to help every fellow in-house recruiter we can.

We will continue to focus on stuff that helps the community with support, of our members and our partners.

So, if you hadn’t read it yet, I moved to Dublin and will be trying to grow the first official offshoot branch of DBR here in Dublin. We will be meeting up for our first drink on February the second, make sure if you are in Dublin you sign up here.

Thanks to the team at StackOverflow our “Don’t be afraid..” Series has a home in their Shoreditch offices and will be running every 6 weeks. Next one if on

Our friends at Indeed Prime will be hosting our larger parties, keep June the 15th free, we have a real treat in store for you!

Of course, you will also find some of us at the Dragon Bar sharing ideas over a drink or two.


Huge thanks to every DBR member for your time, your patience and your confidence in our community. Hung Lee for the idea in the first place and inviting me to the first DBR drinks, and for your teams time to build the new site. My fellow admins Matt Buckland, Matthew BradburnKristian Bright and Nick Yockney, you guys are the best.

#TRexit (some notes on my move)

I like to have new things start of the new year, maybe it is because I’m a January baby, maybe it’s because it’s cold and there is not much happening. Anyway, you might have noticed that this year has started a little late. For most people it was only 0.000002 of a second late, this has something to do with the moon being a bit of a drag. You can do the math using the formulae below, I learned this thanks to Trevor who’s Christmas cards are always awesome and having thought about it. Everything does feel a little late this year.

For me, although I was working from the 3rd, 2017 started on the 8th of January with a flight to Dublin. I got the plane to Dublin a lot last year but this time was a little different. I had two bags and crying parents to drop me off at the airport. Yep, I’m not just here for a few days this time. It’s a bit more of a permanent move to start full time onsite in Indeed’s Dublin EMEA HQ. 2016 bought us Fake News, Trump & Brexit… 2017 brings you TREXIT!

Those of you that know me, will read with little surprise that I have moved again. I have moved a lot in my life, moving is a thing I grew up with. My parents didn’t stay still and I’ve never lived in the same place for more than 8 years. The most dramatic move was when one cold winter evening in 2000 we sat around the table the dinner table and decided to move to France. My parents were pretty brave, selling all their stuff (house included) and taking two teenage kids to Bordeaux just because we were bored of England, the food was better and the sun shined more often. Moving country definitely takes courage!

This was the calmest move I have ever made, having sat and reflected I realise that this is the 7th major European city I have moved all my life to on a permanent basis. This time I have the support of a job, a company, a team I know.. and let’s be honest, I have gotten a feel for Dublin over the last few months!


Ireland and the UK have always had a special relationship, but I can’t even be sure that will continue following this year’s political development. Yep, obviously, this blog post can’t really go unwritten without a little nod of the head to the wonderful Brits that voted to leave the European union last year. You might have remembered that my initial reaction looked something like this…. there is, of course, an element of fear in this move that this is the final chance I will get to have an opportunity like this. 

I come from a liberal, middle-class family and thanks to the way I was brought up I have always considered myself a European citizen first and an Englishman second. This wasn’t a political move… but I am not too worried to leave London and the UK for a little while. It will still be there when I get back.

Plenty of questions to be answered on this Jaunt. Does a smaller City really equal a better lifestyle? Is Dublin really the new tech hub for Europe? Can I survive without 24 hour bagel bakeries and craft coffee on my doorstep?

Whatever happens. It’s to start the new year with a new challenge. I have, of course, realised how self-indulgent it is to give my move to Dublin its own hashtag and write a blog about it but its also an interesting story to tell.. apparently, all HR bloggers are pants anyway, so might as well practice on something. Next one will be less selfish, I promise!

Wondering what to do next? Do some MATH, follow me on twitter or try and win the few minutes you just lost by ranting at me on the comments!Card-14.jpeg

You are on my website, so I hope you have taken the time to find out a bit more about me. 

NOTE – This is my personal blog and only contains my personal views.