6 Travel Hacks we Learned Traveling with our Baby Before Six Months Old

Lots of people have asked us how we can travel with a baby. It’s all bout practice really. Here are our top tips for traveling with a baby we learned when she was less than 6 months old.

Traveling with a newborn baby is one of the most rewarding things you can experience as a family. For some people it sounds impossible, or at least so incredibly stressful that you wouldn’t even know where to start. That is why, we have written this guide for you. By the time our little one was 3 months old she has been on the road a third of her life.

We have survived bomb scares and riots and feel ready to take in the world as a family.

Before she was 6 Months old, we had completed 7 trips around Europe without a car.

With a ten week trip around south east Asia well under way and plenty of posts over on our instagram, people have been asking us how do we manage to travel with a baby. We thought it was time to share our tips with the world while we find some new ones for our big voyage.

Our travel style

Melow and I can’t drive which means we only travel via public transport, planes and cabs (when needed).

Taking our daughter with us on planes and trains has been fun and has turned us into a well oiled traveling machine. These trips from the age of 3 weeks to 6 months have all been in Europe. Good thing we got the practice in when she was a few weeks old. We are currently on a ten week trip around Southeast Asia and feel like we have this traveling with a baby down to a fine art!

That’s why we thought it would be fun to share this with any other brave parents like us who want to start traveling with their babies.

1 – Be Brave, Young Parents

It’s going to be stressful, you are going to need some courage and some nerve! You need to be brave.

We are in our mid 30s so as you can expect have many new parents in our circle of friends and family. We believe the biggest mistake is staying home with the baby.

The earlier you start the easier it becomes.

Getting out and about has been a liberating and empowering experience for all of us!

I’m not going to tell you it’s not stressful. It definitely is. Getting stuck at the Eurostar during a bomb alert was definitely one of the most stressful moments ever.

However, traveling with our newborn has helped us come together as a family. We have grown closer as we survived the challenges and stresses that come with traveling as a baby. We would recommend it to anyone to get out there with their little one.

It’s much easier before they can walk 😉 So you’d better get them used to travelling before it happens (and it can happen earlier than you imagine)

2 – Take it slow

Everything takes longer with a baby.

As experienced travelers we used to get to the airport and hour before our flight took off, now we allow a lot more time! It may be boring getting there three hours in advance but allowing yourself the time for poonadoes, vomit fountains and minor melt downs saves a lot of stress in the long run!

Lower your expectations, everything is going to take longer. Lower your expectations and go with the flow.

3 – Get a panic bag

This is the one thing we don’t leave the house without.

Every single time, we take a panic bag and whether its ten weeks or ten minutes, its the same bag. We found ours on wish, it is slim, has a built in changing mat and holds everything you need in it (because you will need all that, you just don’t know when) from a spare change of clothes to a days supply of nappies and wipes.

Here is the one we use and have bought to all our friends.

4 – Pack one big bag for three

This is the tip we wished someone told us at the beginning. You need to get used to sharing stuff and sharing a big bag makes everything easier when it comes to traveling with a baby.

One carries the bag and the other one the baby.

To make it easier we pack lots of little bags into the big bag so we all have our own space and can find things easier. This probably needs a blog of its own !

Here is the one we are using for our big trip.

5 – A little home away from home

In our eyes, travel cots are heavy and bulky. Tris’s big sister had us test them before we even got a baby and told us her favorite thing from her travels with two little ones was a baby tent!

The baby tent acts as a little home away from home, somewhere that smells like home and they are used to sleeping in. It’s easy to carry everywhere, lighter that a travel cot and very comfortable and safe.

Getting them used to it from an early age is key. You don’t want to add new things to the stress of your first night away so test it at home and when you go round a friend’s for dinner.

This is the one we bought by Deryan. We spent hours comparing online the different brands and this had the best characteristics : size, weight, UV protection, extra windscreen available… You can even choose the color !

Having your baby sleep wherever you go gives you the confidence you need to travel further.

6 – Set a Max Travel / On the road time

Some of the worst moments we have had traveling is when we have been out for too long and our little one just lost the plot and screamed at us for an hour.

Now we set a max out of the house time for when we are traveling and when we go out exploring.

You will find what this is and it will change as you all grow but we recommend keeping it below three hours to begin with and then working up to longer trips. We are now confident to be out the house for more than 8, but that took practice!

Have baby, can travel!

Sleepless nights, grumpy babies and tiredness for the whole family is unavoidable. May as well be in beautiful surroundings rather than locked up at home.

The best thing about traveling with a baby is you are priority everywhere, people are more friendly than ever and you will get plenty of free stuff. We believe it’s an unmissable experience. We love traveling with our baby.

We love traveling with our baby.

We hope these tips inspire you and are looking forward to hearing your travel plans!

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How to be an AWESOME Recruiter in 2019

This is for anyone wanting to have an amazing 2019. Take your recruiting career to the next level with this simple to follow the guide on how to be an awesome recruiter in 2019. Last year I wrote a list of things that I thought would help recruiters be amazing in 2018, this year I am back with an updated version. Some of the things are the same as last year, same, same but different. A simple to follow a collection of ideas, methods and hacks to help you in 2019.

2019, Recruitment isn’t broken, we all just need to get better at Recruiting!

I have spent a lot of nearly ten years of my career under the black cloud of HR PR claiming Recruitment is broken. I have watched many entrepreneurs crash attempting to fix recruitment with Blockchain, AI or some other tech hodgepodge only to realise that the real problem in Recruiting is how hard it is to actually is to hire someone.

Recruiting isn’t broken. Recruiting is hard. Anyone building a team these days needs a unique set of skills just to hire efficiently.

Recruitment as a skill needs to be recognised and developed. Recruiters that hire should be proud with what they do. Recruiting will get better if we share more with each other. Tech can’t fix our problem, we can. I believe it’s down to every member of the global recruiting community that recruitment is getting better.

If we really want to fix recruiting, its up to all of us.

That’s why I wrote this post, to share what I know with the world. I hope this will help you be awesome at hiring in 2019.

Please share this link with everyone in recruitment you know. Everyone on your company slack, email lists and if you’re feeling rebellious print it out for the people that still don’t have the internet.

It is up to all of us involved in hiring to fix Recruitment. Here is how you can start being a better recruiter.

Get to know who you recruit

The biggest complaint I hear about recruiters is they don’t understand the jobs they recruit for. Every mistake I have made during my recruiting career could have been avoided if I had just spent more time getting to know who I was recruiting. Get to know who you recruit, spend time with them they will help you fill all those jobs you are trying to hire for!

TIP – Find some people who you want to hire and ask them, how would you like to get your new job?

Partner with your hiring manager

Your hiring manager is your end client, it is their team you are hiring for. Get super cosy with them. The best recruiters I know, are never annoyed at their hiring managers but see them as complicit partners that they are trying to help grow. Recruiters success in 2019 will be down to how well they know the team they are hiring for. Get close to them today.

TIP – Set up weekly check ins, show them who you have approached, ask them if they can do your follow ups for the people who didn’t reply!

Tell people you are hiring

Yes, so new for 2019. Tell people you are hiring! Advertise the Jobs you are hiring for. Not crappy job ads with 40 bullet points and a wall of requirements. Get out there and tell people who you are hiring and what they will do. Don’t forget to tell them what they will get out of it. Crazy to think it’s 2019 and the best way to hire people is still to advertise!

TIP – Here is my walkthrough of how to hire people for free on Indeed.

Don’t be scared to Fail

Stop hunting for perfection and worrying about getting everything right. Start messing things up. The best manager I ever had taught me that he was happy when I was failing 20% of the time. If you have never failed, you have never done anything. Start Doing, Start Failing.

TIP – Watch this Ted Video Playlist to learn how to Fail

Ask questions when you are stuck

There is so much power in asking questions. Not questions you could have just googled, but the complicated ones or the ones that need input from elsewhere or from someone with experience. There is a forgotten magic power in asking people questions, it helps you make new friends and helps you leverage the expertise in your own org and your network. Don’t think you know everything, ask more questions!

TIP – Give this HBR Article a Read

Don’t be a creepy phantom, Engage

Odd that I should tell people people this; but please be sociable on social media. Stop hiding behind highly filtered Instagram posts and corporate headshots, start commenting, having discussions and being your weird ass true self. Your lurking is putting your people off. As recruiters we need to be more social, we are after all in the people business. Stop Lurking. Comment on your audiences content. Built your online tribe. Be social.

TIP – Tweet me or comment, its easy!

Know your market

If you are going to be an expert recruiter in Python or the next inhouse recruiter at Yodel. Your market knowledge will help you build better relationships with the people you recruit. Recruiters are uniquely positioned to speak to hundreds of people a week, that gives them market knowledge. Get to know your company, get to know your competitors, get to know your candidates. Recruiters should be able to offer everyone a slice of the information they get to see in the market.

TIP – Use reviews on sites like Indeed and Glassdoor for market knowledge, or try Owler or Blind to find out about companies.

Get REALLY GOOD AT Finding stuff out!

Seriously the number of people that can’t find stuff out on the internet still blows my mind. You are a recruiter, your job is to find people. That means you have to get good at looking for people. Learn how to search for anything quickly. It will make your life so easy..

TIP – Learn about George Boole, use this tool to look for people on Facebook, learn all the search tricks here and when you get super advanced learn google dorking.

Use Data

Measure everything. Use Data Religiously in every part of your life. Its 2019, big data is everywhere. I still find recruiters who’s FitBit’s and supermarket know more about you than you do about your recruiting process. Learning how to measure things from eyeballs to time

Design for Privacy

As a Recruiter you have a lot of private data. CV’s are seriously sensitive information, so is interview feedback and salary info. Get your head around the fact that you are dealing with a lot of private data and start treating it like such. Don’t leave people’s CV’s lying around.

Tip – Read my Alan’s blog on what Sourcer’s & Recruiters need to know about GDPR

Authentic content Wins

Seriously, no one cares about your brand values. Authentic content is shared by the people that actually work in the place. Everyone knows that your “employer brand” is a lie. Let your people tell their story.

Tip – Start watching Gary Vee videos!

Stop Writing Bland Emails

Dear Mr ten-page email writer. If you fall asleep writing the email, I wont reply. Short one/two paragraph emails that are to the point are going to make life so much easier and will get you so many more responses. Also, can you stop DM’ing me with just hey. Tell me what you want in that first message so I can figure out if I can help!

TIP – Read Sofia’s story about her journey with hyper personalisation and read this if you still can’t do it.


Its a scary, powerful weapon. Use it to improve yourself. Don’t get mad when unqualified people give it to you.

See every piece of feedback as a gift.

Whoever gives it, everyones perspective needs to be listened to when it comes to hiring.

Everyone is your client. Using their feedback to improve will help you get better!

Say No – Often!

Sadly, as recruiters, we are gatekeepers as well as dream givers.

You will find yourself saying No a lot more than saying yes.

Getting good at this and confident with this is key to your success as a recruiter.

Tip – It’s expensive not to give candidates feedback


Getting really good at documentation is an important skill for every recruiter! This not only helps us share knowledge and collaborate better, but at the end of the day its core to our function.

From taking interview notes to sharing new techniques. This starts by learning things like how to touch type and finshes with how to write better tutorials.

Documentation is a key skill everyone in recruiting needs.

Read more

Well you got this far so you must be doing something right! What I really mean by read more, is consume more content! Consuming long form content is the differentiator in todays world. Sure, you can learn a lot watching 2 minute videos. To be an expert you need to consume more long form content.

TIP – I consume content religiously about Recruiting from recruitingbrainfood.com or sourcecon.com and twitter.

Help people out

Every recruiter I spoke to in 2018, when I asked them why they are a recruiter told me it was to help people. Nuff said.

Help people.

You will reap the rewards in the long run.

Find a community

A network is Key to everyone’s career success. Communities are key to getting the latest hiring knowledge and learning about the easiest ways to hire people. It’s 2019 people you can explode your network and your career. Spend time asking questions reading, learning and soaking it all in. If you are an InHouse recruiter join DBR, if you like Growth minded recruitment, join the growth hacking recruiters.

TIP – Check out Hung Lee’s amazing list of Communities to join in 2019

Share your best ideas

Please. It will help the rest of us get better.

If your stuck, share other peoples ideas!

Please share this.


I thought it was a bit arrogant of me to just post my own thoughts, so I asked the worlds largest community of recruiters. The Facebook Group “Recruiters Online” to also share their thoughts on what will make recruiters better in 2019 and I was overwhelmed by the responses. Go check out the post here, I have screen grabbed some of the top responses below.

Screen grab from Recruiters Online facebook group of me asking how to be a better recruiter in 2019
Top tips for being a better recuiter in 2019 – this is how you become an awesome recruiter