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One of our biggest goals in 2019 is to write more about our love for food and travel.
Over the years, we have been inspired by the hundreds of other bloggers, foodies and travel writers. Sharing our most memorable moments with the world is a way we hope to bring joy to the people around us. A documentation exercise. We have talked about it for ages, pondered hundreds of ideas and options and still not done anything about it.
Today, with our epic 10 week trip around Asia only 7 days away. I am writing a quick post about our plans to blog and share more about our travels. For now, we will post here. If we can keep it up then we can spin it over to its own home.
To make it easy, our challenge is to write a travel blog once a week for the next 10 weeks + a few other little missions.
Travel is one of the foundations of our relationship. When Melow and I met we lived in different countries. Flying to see each other wasn’t enough and we often arranged to meet in different cities around Europe. We ran away to Vegas to get married and it didn’t stop with the pregnancy, Melow travelled around Europe until she was 8 months pregnant.
We fiercely declared that having a baby wouldn’t stop us. In the last six months, we have managed 7 trips with our baby, and she’s just six months old!
It’s exciting
Our shared passion to travel to wonderful places to enjoy authentic local experiences is what we love to share together.
Why not share that with the world?
Looking back on the last few years we have filled up hard drives with the pictures and videos of our adventures.
Our friends laugh at the high production values of our end of trip videos. We always have new photos to share when people come over.
Over the last few years, we have been practising.
Hours researching
Religiously posting reviews in Google maps…
Getting better at quickly editing and sharing photo albums to share with friends and family.
It only seems natural to share this passion for the world with the world.

Tris’s Google Maps Local Guides Contributions

We are inspired by travel bloggers, YouTubers and everyone sharing their experiences. They have helped us find great places to enjoy our holidays and our weekends. Now our challenge is to get better at sharing our travels so you can enjoy those moments too.
The challenge in the next ten weeks around Asia is to focus our efforts on producing content that people enjoy and find useful.
This isn’t about showing off but about inspiring others.
Our plan is to develop two things,

  • Posting Rhythm
  • Post Formats

For rhythm, we will continue contributing to Google maps and Instagram. If you want to follow us then behind the scenes will be kept on Instagram stories, with the posts shared every day on Instagram to Facebook and Twitter and wherever else during our trip.
We will try and contribute to Google maps more the before. This will allow us to take notes of the places we have seen and visited. Tris really likes the tracking features and has so far broken the 2,500,000 views on photos and 350+ reviews. Go check out his contributions.
On top of that, the idea is to generate a minimum, not one post, ideally two or three a week to document our travels.
As for posting formats. This is still an area we are exploring. We are hoping to take this opportunity to explore that during our trip. Food and travel blogging it’s nothing new, looking at the content we enjoy has helped us understand what brings value to her audience.

Having hunted for tips and travelling with a baby we now feel confident that blogs around preparation is a pretty good starting point. There are not that many recent travel blogs for people with babies.
So we are going to focus on:

  • How to blogs on how to travel with a baby
  • Posts about areas that we visit on a regular basis with insider tips (less of these on holidays obviously but a chance for us to document our tips before)
  • Memorable moments blogs from our favourite moments from the holiday so we can share them with you all.

Tris is also really keen on working in YouTube format and somehow tying in 360 films! Amelie wants to see how she can share all her cool organisation tips.
Creating great things on the internet is not only about having great content but also about posting regularly. We all know how long editing takes. Our goal here is to create quality content in the fastest manner. Life with a 6-month-old is already busy enough!
So, sharing our travel stories with you.
We hope it will be enjoyable and inspiring.
We have been asked that it can be read in an email format for those of you, not on the little internet’s. Subscribe to this blog to get an update every week!
We are looking forward to sharing our most memorable moments with the world so that more people can enjoy the places further away and be closer to us.
Now follow us on Instagram and follow this blog to watch the story unfold.

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    Heidi says:

    Awesome. Hubby and I will be following, watching for inspiration. We just started working/traveling the US in a travel trailer…

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