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Sourcers VS Recruiters: A Quick Survey on Sourcing  from DBR

Sourcers VS Recruiters: A Quick Survey on Sourcing from DBR

June 7, 2018

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FIND out what Sourcers and Recruiters find the most challenging, who actually spends the most about of time sourcing and what DBR thinks about Sourcing as a whole!

Top Tips on Creating Viral Content to help you Hire!

Top Tips on Creating Viral Content to help you Hire!

May 22, 2018

These AWESOME Tricks will get you MORE views on your posts ANYWHERE

A recruiter needs to be able to connect hiring teams with relevant candidates as fast as possible. Viral content helps you do that!

GET THE JOB #1 – Sell yourself with a tiny bit of research

GET THE JOB #1 – Sell yourself with a tiny bit of research

April 10, 2018

I interview dozens of people a week, lots of who work in sales, I am always surprised by the number of people that haven’t done the simplest bit of research about me.

I love helping awesome people get awesome jobs with awesome companies. I’m lucky, its my day job.

I’m a geek about this recruiting malarkey and I love everything about working with people. A single-handed hiring tour de force; I help companies find, attract, hire and keep great people across the world. I spend most of the day stalking the web, finding the people I need to know and making friends with them. (Yes that sounds creepy) I believe that great hiring is done by a deep level of understanding of the industry and roles you are hiring for, to succeed at this you need plenty of data and plenty of time. Hiring people can be easy if you care about what they do and where they are going to do it.

TL;DR – I recruit because I enjoy it, I support my colleagues in the community and here’s a list of other achievements, link to my CV and my blog.

Why Recruitment?

My interest in recruitment stems from a long-term interest in how people think and why they do things. When I decided to step away from my chef’s career to find something more intellectually stimulating with less antisocial hours, I found it tough to shake the stigma of never having worked in an office or commercial environment. The first job I could get was a pretty awful door to door sales role. I had to wear terribly cheap shiny suits and knock on doors all day. My energy and charisma made me a natural salesperson. Quickly developing a great sales track record, I started to build and lead sales teams. I was able to transfer the leadership skills and team building skills I had acquired during my time in the hospitality trade and this proved to be a huge success. I soon realised that the success was not my own but that of the team I had built around me. Hiring people and helping them succeed made me excited.

Following 12 years of dreaming of opening a restaurant, 8 years cooking professionally and less than a year looking to change away from that environment for some time. It was a phase of exploration in my life. During my time in sales I found that I was naturally by the process of convincing people to join my team and helping them succeed. Recruitment felt like a natural way to help more people in this same manner. I decided that I wanted to be a recruiter and soon moved into my first agency job.

It was great, for the first time in my life I started to blend all of my skills in one place combining my interests in marketing, business operations, technology and of course people. I was also able to learn more about things that interested me, specifically about technology, startups and the web ecosystems. As my learnings turned to success, I felt I really enjoyed this job.

It has proven to be much more than a job. I love my life as a recruiter. I dreamed of working for a leading technology startup and have now worked with three. I dreamed of working with amazing people and now work with the smartest and most amazing people I ever met, some of have become amazing friends, trusted colleagues and mentors. The best part though, like seeing someone enjoying a meal you have just cooked for them, is watching people’s career’s grow. Nothing beats the chance to hire and work with someone who loves there job.

5 years in and I now feel confident enough that its time to write down a few more of my ideas. Time to share my experiences and hopefully help others in my shoes build awesome teams. Recruitment is not all peachy, there are plenty of things broken about the job but with this blog and my other projects. I’m helping change the world of recruitment! 


People are always different, thats what makes working with them awesome!

Dragons, Beers and Recruiters

2 years ago, a few months after moving away from agency recruitment to in house recruitment. I found myself desperately seeking support and advice. I attended meetup’s on recruiting and talent, starting to grow my network and picking ideas up from those far more experienced. At one such event, I was discussing some of my problems with a group of fellow recruiters in a similar situation. We realised there was no support network for people like us and decided to meetup and share a few war stories over a beer. Six of us got together at the Dragon Bar in Shoreditch, we all came away feeling we could deal with the problems we were facing in a better way. We invited friends and fellow recruiters and soon it became a thing. We decided to call it DBR (Dragons, Beers and Recruiters)

Things escalated pretty quickly, we were not the only ones that wanted the support and soon there were 20 of us meeting for beers at the Dragon Bar. We decided we wanted an easier way to communicate and set up a WhatsApp group, more and more people joined and we soon found that our phone batteries were regularly drained from all the whats app notifications. We started a Slack group that now has 120 or so active users. On top of the small, beery meetups, We decided to share our knowledge through larger events and this year launched a year long event series called “Don’t be afraid” for anyone recruiting teams who wants some expert advice and a chance to the most respected in house recruitment teams.

You can find out loads more about what we are up to here, and if you are interested in meeting us, join us at the next meetup.


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