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Recruiter, Sourcer and Community Co-Founder. I have helped leading tech companies & startups build teams all over the world.

I’m a real recruitment geek; my approach is to mix a technical and commercial approach using data-driven decisions to attract and engage the right people for your jobs.

In my spare time, I blogs on this site, help manage the worlds largest in-house recruiter community (DBR) and run the Growth Hacking Recruiter Facebook Group.

TL;DR This is a showcase of my work to date and sneak peek of what the future holds. Please feel free to get in touch on tristram.revill@gmail.com if you would like to know more. 

I love recruiting, I meet so many awesome people and helping them find. As a chef I enjoyed serving people plates that cause joy but that lasts for dinner time, as a recruiter I can change someone’s life with a phone call. To me, Its all about creating memorable moments.

I have worked on and filled roles all over Europe and sometimes further afield. My career has lead me to work both inhouse as a Sourcer, Recruiter and Talent Hacker for companies such as Indeed, Lyst, Blippar. My recruiting career started agency side with well-known agencies, Propel and CaspianOne. I really enjoy Recruiting, I find it easy as it blends the mix of skills and knowledge I have from the earlier parts of my career as a chef and working in direct sales.

Below you will find out more about my speaking experience, who recommends me around the internet and where I have appeared.

Tris Revill is world renowned Recruiter and Growth Hacker. His work has been recognised by industry peers and leaders. Below are just a few of the places mentioning him around the web. You can also visit the testimonials page to see what his peers and colleagues think. 

Tris has spoken at Recruiting and Technology Events Since 2015. Tris Revill enjoys public speaking and enjoys delivering practical advice that helps his audience grow. Invite Tris Revill to speak at one of your events here.

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Below are just a few of the places you can hear or watch interviews with Tris Revill. As an active contributor to the recruiting community, Tris Revill is has been Featured on Video’s & Podcasts. It’s easy for you to invite him to join your show next, he is looking for more!

Tris Revill | AirSource One by AirSource

Next steps for me is to be a Founder and Entrepreneur. This is a long time dream that is currently taking place slowly…

I’m currently working on several companies including building a Recruiting Company, The Flying gang  and some other things

More coming soon

Want more?

You are in the right place, my website is also one of my creative outlets.

In my spare time, I look after my beautiful wife and daughter. Our favourite things normally revolve around Travel, Family or Food.

We have a project in the works to share more of our lifestyle. For now, we are focused on looking after our little one and building a business that allows us to achieve freedom and a sense of fulfilment. I love travelling and am looking to get out and about more in the next few years. I worked in kitchens all over the world during my early career as a chef. It was a lot of hard work and I haven’t written much about it since. I am looking at ways to showcase my vision of food and life. The restaurant is still a dream! You can get a taste of what is to come by enjoying one of the links below.

More coming soon